Two of my all time favourite fashionistas Sienna Miller and Olivia Palmero are rocking bomber jackets..

Sienna Miller Bomber Jacket Daly Fashion Fix                                        Olivia Palmero Bomber Jacket daly fashion fix

They’re not the only ones, IT girls Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have also stepped out in this super popular trend.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid bomber jackets daly fashion fix

This look can be dressed down with a pair of casual jeans or draped over a dress or disco pants for a night out.

I have compiled a collection of my favourite bomber jackets on the market and links to where you can buy them.  Zara has produced an unbelievable range of plain and embroidered bomber jackets so there are lots from Zara in the collection as well as a range of other online retailers.  One of the funkiest jackets in the collection has to be the incredibly cool Ivy Park jacket, well Beyonce co designed this label so we would expect nothing less.

Zara embroidered floral bomber jacket daly fashion fix Buy it here.

the iconic Ivy Park bomber jacket daly fashion fix Buy it here.

zara embroidered bomber jacket daly fashion fix Buy it here.

zara bomber jacket daly fashion fix Buy it here.

misguided embroidered bomber jacket daly fashion fix  Buy it here.

zara embroidered reversible bomber jacket daly fashion fix Buy it herecream zara embroidered bomber jacket daly fashion fix Buy it here.

Zara bomber jacket daly fashion fix Buy it here.

Zara guipure lace bomber jacket daly fashion fixBuy it here.

Asos bomber floral jacket daly fashion fix   Buy it here.

Asos gold bomber jacket daly fashion fixBuy to here.

So that’s it guys, I hope you found one you like.  Follow me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for new blog post alerts.

We have been lucky enough to have been asked to lots of weddings this year so I have spent quite a bit of time in search for occasion wear outfits. I said I may as well share some of my tops finds and tips.
A good trick is to buy a few neutral accessories and a plain blazer/jacket/cape. These little extras dress up your outfit and keeping it neutral means you don’t end up having a load of random jackets, clutches and head accessories that will never again see the light of day.
This gold headpiece and these pearls clips are good examples of hair accessories that can be re worn lots if different ways.
Gold Leaf Crown
Buy the gold leaf crown here if you want quicker delivery buy one from an Irish website here.
& other stories har clips
& other stories hair clips
Buy these clips here and here.
This plain white box bag with rose gold detail has also got a lot of outings this summer. It’s out of stock so have linked a similar one (pictured below)  here.
 White mango box bag
Cream bag with gold hardwear
Finally my beloved white cape. I have worn this to every single wedding. I draped it over my shoulders for the ceremony and usually took it off after that depending on the wedding. This was a great buy. I have linked a similar one below.
White Zara cape
White Cape
Buy it here.
Skirt and top
I tried to pick pieces I which I could re wear in different ways when I was buying outfits for example this white skirt, I re wore this casually with sandals and a cardigan.
stradivarius skirt
White stradivarius skirt
You can buy the skirt here.
Below is another cute skirt I found which would be lovely dressed up with a white silk cami and strappy sandals or dressed down with a t shirt and runners. Buy it here.
Never fully dressed pink skirt
& other stories green dress
Blue ruffle dress
Asos dress
I love the flow of this dress, more casual pieces are becoming more popular for weddings recently, this one definitely ticks all the boxes.
I would pair this beautiful dress with white sandals and a low loose hair style and maybe a discreet gold leaf crown.
Blue Asos maxi dress
Buy it here.
I also spotted this stunning satin midi dress in & Other Stories. How gorgeous is this. You could pair this with white sandals, a gold bag and accessories.
Pink & other stories dress
Pink & other stories dress
Buy it here.
A nice slip dress, this is a good one because you can rewear it with a jumper and belt and a pair of runners during the day.
River Island slip dress
I love the colour of this River Island one. I would pair it with a gold crown, gold shoes and maybe even a gold chain belt.
Buy it here.
Trousers and Top
Crave closet top
Crave Closet Skirt
Next up is the trouser and top combo. Is it important to get a really well fitted trousers if you are going for this look.
I would go with a smart box bag and white sandals with this look.
Buy my gold Crave Closet top here
Blue Zara Organza blouse
Buy the shirt here 
River Island White Trousers
Buy the trousers here
Reiss White jumpsuit
Lastly, the jumpsuit. You can’t go wrong with a well fitted jumpsuit. I saw this fabulous one in the Reiss sale. Obviously you can’t wear the ivory to a wedding but it also comes in a lovely chocolate brown. I would pair it with barely there sandals and gold accessories.
Reiss jumpsuit
Buy it here
The Extras
It feels great to look your best but it’s important to be comfortable as well. There is nothing more annoying than painful shoes or stick on bra’s that won’t stay on. Here are some accessories which may come in useful for your special occasion.
Secret Weapons Stiletto Stoppers
These heel stoppers are great for me as I wear my Louboutins to a lot of weddings to get the wear out of them but the heel on them is very skinny. If you are at a wedding with an outdoor reception it can be nearly impossible to stay upright without these little gems. You can buy them here.
As you can see from earlier pics in this post you can’t wear a regular bra with a lot of the outfits I have worn to weddings. Here are some alternatives to a regular bra.
Secret Weapons go low
Secret Weapons nudi bra
Secret Weapons Invisilifts
Buy them here and here and here.
Secret weapons fold up flats
Lastly fold up shoes, there is no need to stop the dancing when you have these lifesavers in your bag. Buy them here.
I hope you enjoyed this post if you would like to see more you can also find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook. Thanks for reading, O x

If you are like me you are already planning your outfits for those festive night out in your head. I have put together a few looks which I will definitely be wearing over the festive season and hope you get some inspo from.


Outfit One

The first look is this chainmail top and ripped jeans combo. I saw Chiara Ferragni wearing something similar to this a couple of years ago and thought it was a really cool relaxed yet dressed up outfit for a Christmas night out.

chain mail and jeans combo

Buy the jeans here.

Buy the top here.

Buy the shoes here. 

Buy the belt here.

Outfit Two

The second look is this pretty white and blush pink combo. The colours aren’t your typical festive colours but I think the fur brings a festive element and of course will keep you warm from that car to the bar.

Body suit and skirt outfit

Buy the bodysuit here.

Buy the skirt here. 

Buy the belt here.

Buy the jacket here.

Buy the shoes here.

Outfit Three

The last look is this cool sequin number. Although the long sleeve and jeans combo might seem casual, the barely there heels and the sequins really glam it up.

Zara top & Jeans

Buy the jeans here. 

Buy the top here.

Buy the shoes here.

I hope you enjoyed this post and would like to see more you can also find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook. Thanks for reading, O x

I can’t believe, it’s nearly a month since our wedding. It was such an amazing day. I can’t wait to get the professional pictures and video back to relive it all. I will share some more pictures of the day when I get them. In the meantime I want to fill you in on all my wedding prep. Welcome to the second of my wedding prep blog posts where I go through my eyebrow and skin prep.
HD Brows
First up HD brows. I got these done with Olivia in Allure Beauty. I have to say I was thrilled with them. Olivia is so so good, you can tell as the waiting list can up to two months long for an appointment. Below are some pictures of my eye brow transformation. HD brows is a combination of plucking, waxing, threading and tinting but the attention to detail and symmetry is really what makes the difference. There is no tattooing or anything like that, they just work with what you have so it’s best to grow out your eyebrows before you start getting HD brows done. I started getting mine done in January for my wedding in August and found that was plenty of time to get them in really nice shape.
HD Brows
HD Brows
HD Brows
HD brows
Skincare- peels
Image skin care peels
I was planning on getting a course of Caci treatments but only ended up getting one treatment as I just didn’t have the time. I didn’t see any difference from that one treatment as the full course is 12 treatments. I went for a course of anti ageing image peels (so one a month). I don’t think the peels reduced the appearance of fine lines but I feel like the peels along with using the corresponding image products had my skin looking really healthy and clear for the wedding. Getting the peels was so relaxing and such a nice treat every month. The lovely Ciara in Allure beauty did theses for me.
Daly Fashion Fix wedding
Skin care – products
Image and La Mer productsI used a combination of skin care products leading up to the wedding. I initially tried some of “The Ordinary products” but decided to just stick with the Image products as they would compliment the peels. These products included:
La Mer eye cream.
This is definitely a splurge but supposed to be the very best so said I would get it as a treat for the wedding. I do think it filled out my fine lines slightly but no eye cream can turn back time. You can buy it here.
La Mer eye serum.
I applied this under the La Mer eye cream.
Buy the La Mer products here.
Image Iluma intense brightening serum.
I used this in the morning before my moisturiser. I left a few minutes between the application of this and my moisturiser to let it soak in and avoid clumping.
Image Ageless facial cleanser.
I used this to cleanse my face after using the cleanse off mitt or micellar water to remove my make up. You need to use this cleanser for a month before you get your first Image anti ageing peel.
Ageless total overnight retinol masque.
I used this every night instead of moisturiser in the two months leading up to the wedding. Now that the wedding is over I will probably use this 2-3 times a week.
Image prevention+ daily ultimate protection moisturiser (SPF 50).
As I was using retinol on my skin Allure advised me to wear a very high factor on my face daily. I love the image moisturiser, even though it has a very high factor it is still lovely and light. I found that it was best to leave this moisturiser dry in for a few minutes before applying other products or it could go a bit clumpy.
I would just like to mention the initial reaction my skin had to all the above. It wasn’t good. Previously all I had ever used on my skin was a bit of day & night moisturiser and a bit of eye cream, my skin didn’t know what hit it when I started putting these products on my skin. It went red, really dry and looked awful. This lasted about two weeks, once my skin got accustomed to the new products, I started seeing the benefits. So if your skin does react initially I would mention it to your skin specialist to get their take on it, it might be a similar situation to mine.
You can but all the Image Skincare products here.
Skincare – from the inside out 
 Wedding hair
Advanced nutrition tablets. Vitamin A and Antioxidant.
I took these every day for two month before the wedding. If you want to get the best results though I would start a bit earlier than that, maybe 6 months in advance. You can buy them here.
Udo’s oil & Dandelion drops
I took two desert spoons of this daily. It takes rotten but is great for your skin. Buy it here.
Last but not least. The week before the wedding I put some dandelion drops in a small amount of water everyday to reduce any water retention. You can buy them here.
Dandelion Drops

If you want to read about my teeth, hair and nail prep for the wedding you can find my blog post here. I hope you found this post helpful, if you did and would like to see more you can also find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook. Until next time, O, x


Coming up to our wedding I wanted to look my best so I decided to do a few things to ensure I was my very best self for the day. I have split this wedding prep post into two parts as there’s a lot in it. These posts go through my hair, nail and skin prep in the run up to our wedding. I hope this helps some of my readers who are brides to be. If you aren’t getting married but you have a special occasion coming up then keep reading.

Teeth Whitening
When I was in secondary school myself and my friend decided to buy a whitening gel kit online. It was called Dr Georges and had a very high % percentage of peroxide so ever since then I have been wary of using teeth whitening products. I drink tea/coffee etc through a straw so my teeth aren’t stained as such but I just wanted them a bit brighter.
I had heard a lot about Spotlight teeth whitening strips, when I heard they were formulated by two Irish dentists it gave me a lot of confidence in them. I bought mine in Meaghers pharmacy. They often have 20% off offers so keep an eye on this, plus they give you a little treat with your delivery.
These strips are really easy to use. Each sachet comes with two strips that you apply to your top and bottom teeth for an hour everyday. I used them on my way in and out of work. Although they don’t make your teeth Hollywood white initially, one box of them definitely brightens up your teeth by a few shades and in a safe way.
You can buy them here.
Spotlight teeth whitening
Daly Fashion Fix wedding
Shellac, Acrylic, Gel, SNS, you name it I have had it on my nails . See my blog post on this here. Before the wedding I made sure to have my nails bare and just used some nail strengthener on them. For the wedding day I picked the gorgeous bridal colour Romantique by CND shellac. I love this colour, it’s so pretty and perfectly fitted in with my look. I grew my nails a bit to elongate my fingers and kept them a classic square shape.Daly Fashion Fix- CND Romantique
My hair is quite long and I dye it so I try to mind it to keep it looking healthy. About a year and a half before the wedding I met a hair dresser who suggested that I stop using bleach to lighten my hair. She suggested that I used the lightest colour blonde you can get, with little or no bleach in it. I tried it and really liked it. It looked really natural and because there wasn’t a massive contrast between my natural hair colour and the dye it meant I could get away with only dying my hair every six months.


Long story short I decided to keep this natural blond look and about 7 months before the wedding I got a full head of highlights with this colour. I also got two inches taken off, which killed me but I knew it would be worth it in the long run. I also made sure to trim my hair regularly (about every two months) before the wedding. I got a full head of highlights and a treatment the week before the wedding.  I also made sure to use a really good shampoo in the lead up to the wedding. I used the Kevin Murphy Young Again shampoo which was recommended for dry hair. Buy it here.

Watch out for my next post where I will speak all about my eye brow transformation and my wedding skin care prep before the big day.
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did and would like to see more you can also find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook. Until next time, O, x

Hello again everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying the milder weather. I would say enjoying the sunny weather but lets face it, it’s Ireland, the sun is pretty sporadic! This post is inspired by outfits I’ve worn to various daytime events recently. I found myself buying lots of new clothes especially for these. Sometimes looking dressy during the day can be tricky as you don’t want to go OTT. The trick is to buy pieces which you can dress up and dress down. This post has some outfits which would be good for something like a hen, the day after a wedding (yes I have wedding brain), a christening, a BBQ or a fancy lunch.
Look One
The first outfit has one of my favourite items of clothing at the moment, paper bag trousers. It would look great with these white sling backs and a silky cami.

Pale Blue paper bag trousers

Buy them here.

White Cami

Buy it here.


Mango white sling backs_Daly Fashion Fix

Buy them here.

Look Two
The second look is this laid back summer look, this gorgeous denim skirt and floral top. I decided to pair the denim skirt with a floral top as opposed to white for something a bit different.
New Look_ White Rose Print Button Through Box Shirt_Daly Fashion Fix

Buy it here.

Moon River Denim Wrap Skirt

Buy it here.

Toms Espadrilles_ Daly Fashion Fix

Buy them here.

 Look Three
The third outfit is this fab maxi dress, you could wear this with gladiator sandals or these cool chunky heeled sandals for a slightly dressier look.

SID WRAP DRESS_ Daly Fashion Fix

Buy it here.

Office Marley Ankle Wrap Mid Block Heels Tan Leather_Daly Fashion Fix

Buy them here.

Look Four

BRYCE MINI DRESS_ Daly Fashion Fix

Buy it here.tan sandalBuy them here.

Look Five

& other stories skirt - Daly Fashion Fix

& Other Stories

Buy it here.

h&m blouse

Buy it here.

Hope you enjoyed this post. You can also find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook.

O xx

I hope everyone enjoyed our snow days this week, it’s back to reality now tomorrow which is probably a good thing, the amount of food consumed was something else!

The idea for this blog post stemmed from an accident I had with my leather skirt. I accidentally put it in the wrong wash and ruined it. It wasn’t until I didn’t have it that I realised how much I actually wore it. I was on the hunt for a new one for a while, some faux leather skirts can look a bit cheap so it took a while to find a nice one. I found one in Pull and Bear that I love, I think I will get lots of wear out of it.

Hopefully this post will give you some ideas on how to style yours.

Look one

Here I have styled it with a loose fitting t shirt and some ankle boots.

Leather skirt and stripped top

Pull and bear leather skirt- Daly Fashion Fix

Buy the skirt here.

Stripped tops

Buy a similar top here, mine is from Penneys and was €4.

Look two

Next I styled it with a vibrant silk feel top. This is actually a dress but I tucked it into my skirt and wore it as a dress. You can buy it here.


IMG_5377 top - Daly Fashion Fix

This top would be another good option, I love the colour. Buy it here.


This top would also be fab tucked into a leather skirt. Buy it here.

Look three

I also wear my leather skirt with my Spring and Winter jumpers. I have linked some options below.










Buy this jumper here.


Buy this jumper here.


Buy this jumper here.

Look four

Lastly a leather skirt always looks great paired with a loose fitting skirt. Below I have linked a denim and cotton option.

Leather skit style ideas

Styling a leather skirt

Buy it hereIMG_6234

Buy it here.

Some footwear options to go with these looks are linked below.

Sock boots - Daly Fashion Fix

Buy them here.

Asos block heel shoes

Buy them here.


Buy them here. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you liked it make sure to find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook.

O xx

Happy New Year everyone. I hope your 2018 has gotten off to a great start.
A lot of my outfits make it to DFF social media but don’t feature on the blog so this post is a round up of my favourite outfits of 2017 and will hopefully give you some outfit inspo for 2018.
First up this 2 piece suit, i’m obsessed. You just can’t beat a nice suit. This suit is from Primark and I paired it with Windsor Smith barely there black sandals and a delicate drop chain from River Island.
Primark suit
Another favourite of mine was this Ted Baker dress from Kildare village. This was perfect for the Spring wedding I wore it to. The fur jacket from TK Maxx really cozied it up and the Kurt Geiger shoes dressed it up.
Wedding guest outfit - Daly Fashion Fix
Wedding guest outfits - Daly Fashion Fix
Next is a casual outfit. This jacket is from Littlewoods, you can actually still buy it here. The jeans are a few years old from Zara. They used to be a lot longer but I was a bit sick of them so I cut the end off them, now I love them again. These boots are from Topshop. I absolutely love them, I wear them with everything, tights and a skirt, dresses or jeans. You can buy them here.
Littlewoods jacket & ripped jeans
Another one of my favourite outfits from 2018 was this Zara top and white jeans. I just love white jeans in the Summer, I think they always look glamorous. Unfortunately this top ran in the wash which is such a pity as I really love it.
Zara top & Jeans
I am a hippy at heart and love dressing up for festivals so couldn’t leave out this look for Longitude. It’s just a simple lace bodysuit with denim shorts and cream sleeveless Kimono. I got my festival accessories in Primark. Festival accessories are very seasonal so I wouldn’t spend a lot on them. I bought the gold and silver henna tattoo’s from Ali Express.
Festival styles
Another favourite is this bronze knit from Forever 21 and these Only ripped jeans. The bralette is from Primark. You can buy the boots here.
Forever 21 top and bralette
This orange Maje dress had to make it onto the list. I wore this to my sisters wedding in Barberstown Castle. It was a rustic Summer wedding so this dress was perfect. I put a simple gold leaf head piece from with it and wore my beige Kurt Geiger heels. Such a fab day.
Maje knit dress- Daly Fashion Fix
Last one is this monochrome outfit. Can you tell that I like white jeans in summer? I got this long sleeveless jacket in French Connection a couple of years ago, it’s really handy. These jeans are Zara and this top actually a bodysuit from Bershka, i’ve gotten lots of wear out of this. Of course I am wearing Windsor Smith heels, do I go out in anything else?
Sleeveless blazer & white jeans
Hope you enjoyed this post. You can also find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook.
O xx

Good morning all, we are almost in December so we can officially start talking about all things festive. I have been looking around for some nice outfits for the Christmas season and have found some really nice pieces along the way.

I put together three looks which would be perfect for any Christmas event.
Look One
First up is the ultra Christmasy gold dress from Topshop. I think it would look really good with these over the knee black boots, you could wear this for a Christmas lunch or even a night out.  The black satchel would finish off this look nicely. It would be equally nice with black barely there sandals for a dressier look.
Gold high neck dress Topshop
 Steve Madden gorgeous boots
Shop the dress here.
Shop the boots here.
I have these Steve Madden boots and I love pairing them with mini dresses. Here I have paired them with this flowy mini dress.
Over the knee boots Daly Fashion Fix
Look Two
The second look is a bit more casual but still really smart.
River Island, Topshop christmas outfit
This grey/blue top can be worn with the two clasps open or closed (I am wearing the clasps closed)
I paired it with the coated ‘Jamie’ jeans and Topshop real leather boots. I wore black tassel earnings to bring the whole look together.
River Island/ Topshop outfit inspo tsj tsb
Shop the top here.
Shop the jeans here.
Shop the boots here.
Shop the earnings here.
 Look Three
This look is probably the dressiest outfit. I think it would be perfect for a NYE party.
Asos Party Dress
Asos Party dress 2

Office Barely there sandals - Daly Fashion Fix

Topshop earrings Daly Fashion Fix
Shop the dress here.
Shop the shoes here.
Shop the earings here.
Look Four
The last look would be lovely for a Christmas lunch or a Christmas night out.
Christmas outfit info- Daly Fashion Fix IMG_9170 IMG_9176
Barely There Sandals- Daly Fashion Fix
Shop the trousers here.
Shop the top here.
Shop the shoes here.
Happy shopping. O xx

I’m not going to lie I am sort of excited about Autumn/Winter. As much as I love Summer, I do love getting cosied-up in winter woolies. I have a blog post all about trends for A/W 17 here.

Paul and I are at that age where lots of our friends are getting engaged and we are lucky enough to have been invited to some of their weddings, this is the inspiration for today’s blog post.  I find myself always on the search for wedding guest outfits so thought I would share some dresses and jumpsuits for Autumn, Winter weddings that I found along the way.

But first here are some snaps of my wedding guest outfits from 2017.

Wedding guest outfit - Daly Fashion Fix

Wedding guest outfits - Daly Fashion Fix

This dress is from Ted Baker in Kildare Village, the shoes are Kurt Geiger from Arnotts and the fur jacket is from TK Maxx.


This dress is Maje from Brown Thomas and my shoes are Kurt Geiger.


This jumpsuit is from French Connection. The cape is from Ted Baker, my shoes are Windsor Smith and my earrings are from Topshop.

My first selection is this gorgeous dress from Folkster, it is probably one of my favourite pieces in this post .

Folkster Navy wedding Guest dress - DFF

It would be fab with silver earrings and barely there sandals. Shop it here

Red Three Floor image- DFF

I would pair this gorge red dress with plain black earrings and black shoes. It would be nice with sleek, straight hair as the dress is such a statement. Shop it here.

Super trash black jumpsuit

We are mixing it up with this black jumpsuit, you can’t go wrong with a classic black jumpsuit. You can style it in so many different ways. You could wear this jumpsuit with dramatic hair and makeup and understated accessories or throw a coloured cape over it for a totally different look. Shop it here.

Three Floor Golden Globe dress- DFF

I saw this on a wedding guest at my friend’s wedding and I just loved it on her. This picture doesn’t do it justice. I would pair this dress with some dainty sandals with a decent height heel and some tassle earrings. Shop it here.

Chi Chi wedding guest - DFF

I would keep hair, make up and accessories simple with this statement dress. Shop it here.

Asks Green jumpsuit- DFF

Another classic jumpsuit. This green jumpsuit would be lovely for a Winter wedding, it would be very festive paired with a cream cape or fur jacket. Shop it here.

Folkster- Light Blue dress

I like this pretty blue dress, it’s easy to style, just pop on some black accessories and you’re good to go. Shop it here.

Three Floor wine dress- DFF

This dress makes such a statement, I love it. Gold accessories would really brighten this up. Shop it here.

riverisland_Autumn Winter wedding guest Daly Fashion Fix

If you are going to a black tie wedding this dress would be fabulous. I would keep hair and makeup quite soft and wear minimal jewellery with this dress as the dress itself is quite dramatic. This dress will be available to buy from River Island soon.

Gold Clutch Asos

Lastly, I wanted to include this bag because it really caught my eye, it would be really festive and  would go with so many outfits. Shop it here.

I hope this post gave you some outfit planning inspo for your next wedding. If you want to follow Daly Fashion Fix on social you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat (dalyfashionfix).

Until next time, O x

You might have noticed that I have been a little bit quieter on the blog for the last few months, this is because we just bought our first flat, all very exciting. I may have been cheating on fashion with homewares. I am so delighted with some of the pieces in the flat that I will definitely be doing a before and after blog post/video.

Anyway back to the subject at hand. People always like to be ahead of the trend ,so keep following Daly Fashion Fix and you certainly will be. I spend much of my time on social media and reading fashion articles, as well as bringing as much as I can away from press days, where you get a preview of upcoming collections. It’s important to know these things when making essential fashion investment decisions 😉

Some of the key trends for Autumn, Winter 2017 are:


Red red and more red, it’s everywhere. There is no doubt but red is the most prominent colour in A/W collections. Don’t worry if red isn’t your colour, all the usual suspects are still very popular, the blacks, navy’s and the earthly colours, browns, greens and rusts.

River Island

River Island red top Daly Fashion Fix

New look

Newlook red boots Daly Fashion Fix


Red jacket topshop

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge red dress Daly Fashion Fix


Nothing says Winter like velvet. You will find velvet in shoes, dresses, tops and bomber jackets.


Topshop velvet dress Daly Fashion Fix

V by Very

V bu Very velvet shoes AW 17 Daly Fashion Fix

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins Velvet top AW17 Daly Fashion Fix


New Look velvet blazer AW17 Daly Fashion Fix

New Look Velvet shoes AW17 Daly Fashion Fix



Patterned/ fishnet tights

There is an array of unusual tights in the collections, they are paired with everything from barely there sandals to ankle boots.

Primark fishnet tights Daly Fashion Fix

Primark fishnet tights Daly Fashion Fix

Primark tights Daly Fashion Fix

Primark fishnet tights Daly Fashion Fix


Embroidery has been around for a few seasons now and it’s not going anywhere yet.


Primark AW17 embroidered shoes Daly Fashion Fix

Primark embroidered mules AW17 Daly Fashion Fix


Topshop Embroidered skirt AW17 Daly Fashion Fix


When I said nothing says Winter like Velvet, I lied, nothing says Winter like fur. I just love it. Fur usually features in Autumn, Winter collections but this year it’s everywhere, in jackets, shoes, bags, accessories.


Accessorize fur gloves AW17 Daly Fashion Fix


Dubarry Faux Fur AW 17 Daly Fashion Fix

Dubarry Faux Fur AW17 Daly Fashion Fix


Primark black fur shoes AW17 Daly Fashion Fix


Monsoon fur Gilet aw17 Daly Fashion Fix


Newlook Fur lined sliders AW17 Daly Fashion Fix


Primark fur coat AW17 Daly Fashion Fix

Over the knee boots

If you have been following me for a while you will know I invested in Steve Madden boots last year and I absolutely love them, they are one of my favourite pieces of footwear so I am delighted to see over the knee boots alive and well in many collections.

River Island

River Island over the knee boots AW17 Daly Fashion Fix

River Island over the knee boots AW17 Daly Fashion Fix


Newlook over the knee boots AW17 Daly Fashion Fix

Just as an FYI most of the above items aren’t in stores yet but will be in the next few weeks. I hope you enjoyed this post. If there are any topics you would like me to blog about then get in touch on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. Thanks for following, until next time. O xx

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Beauty wedding prep- part one

Daly Fashion Fix wedding   Coming up to our wedding I wanted to look my best so I decided to do a few things to ensure I was...

Five smart summer daytime looks

& other stories skirt - Daly Fashion Fix Hello again everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying the milder weather. I would say enjoying the sunny weather but lets face it, it’s Ireland,...

Four ways to style your leather skirt

IMG_5380 I hope everyone enjoyed our snow days this week, it’s back to reality now tomorrow which is probably a good thing, the amount of...