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Mascara is one of my favourite make up pieces so I am really fussy about which one I use. For years I swore by my Dior Show Blackout mascara, even in college, when I was stone broke I managed to keep my beloved mascara stocked up.  I had a friend visiting a few years ago and we were heading out, I couldn’t find my Dior Show so I tried her Maybelline colossal mascara 110% black.  It had the same thick black brush and dark kohl as the Dior one. It applies very similarly. Have a look at the similarities in the brushes in the pictures below.

colossal volum express mascara 110% black daly fashion fix dior show black out daly fashion fix

I wear a light layer for during the day and a few layers at night time for a more dramatic effect.

I would definitely recommend the Maybelline colossal mascara 110% black. It’s about €10 $20 and available in most pharmacies and supermarkets or you can buy it online here. Oh and make sure you look at the name when you’re buying it as Maybelline has lots of other mascaras with similar containers but the brushes are a totally different shape so don’t give the same dramatic effect.  Hope you love it as much as I do xx

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