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There are so many new forms about makeup popping up now it’s hard to keep up! Gone are the days where your makeup bag consisted of foundation, mascara, eye shadow and a bit of blusher!

Without having tried some of the more unusual make up products, I would be slow to spend a lot of money on them incase I didn’t like them and never end up using them.
I have used the same makeup products for years but wanted to try some new products such as; lip liner and eyelash & brow setter.  I came across these products in Essence (available in Penneys/Primark nationwide).  As all their products were so reasonable, I said, why not pick up some other Essence products and review them 🙂 The products I picked up were; a blonde eye brow pencil (I usually use a brown one), a powder eyebrow kit (I usually only wear pencil), kohl eye pencil, marker eyeliner, some mascara (it’s a very similarly shaped brush to the mascara I usually use) and finally a nail varnish corrector pen.
Below are my reviews on each of the products I bought:
Kajal Pencil (in Black)
Essence Black Kajal pencil Daly Fashion Fix
I really liked the consistency of the kohl pencil, it was easy to apply and stayed in place.
Eyeliner Pen (extra long lasting)
Essence eyeliner pen daly fashion fix
For a marker eyeliner this was relatively easy to apply. However I definitely prefer a liquid eye liner, especially for the top eyelid. It’s easier to apply and stays in place for hours. My all time fave is the Rimmell Glam Eyes professional eyeliner. It is next to impossible to apply it wrong and gives a perfect wing. I have never used a better liquid eyeliner, I highly recommend it.
The Powder Eyebrow Stylist Set (in 01 Natural Brunette Style)  Essence eyebrow styling ki daly fashion fix
As mentioned earlier I have never used a powder eyebrow kit before but I found it works really well.  I used it in conjunction with an eyebrow pencil and some highlighter under the eyebrow arch.  I bought the brown eyebrow kit but there is also a blonde one available which you could team with the blonde eye brow pencil if you like.  This eyebrow kit come with an applicator and an applicator guide in three different sizes, it’s presented in a compact container so is small enough to pop in your daily makeup bag.
Get Big Lashes Volume Boost Mascara
Essence get big lashes mascara daly fashion fix
This has a very similar brush to the mascara I normally use so it went on very easily and had a nice dark pigment, perfect for a daytime look.
Lip Liners (in The Nude and Cute Pink)Essence lipliner Daly fashion Fix
I have never used lip liners before so I said I would pick up two different shades to try them with different lipsticks and glosses. Generally I have quite dry lips so I tried the nude lip liner with one of my favourite lip glosses and loved it.  It really defines your lips without looking OTT (I applied it around the very edge of my lips).  You wouldn’t even know you had lipliner on.  Personally, out of the two colours, I would go for the nude one. This one is a serious find and will be a permanent fixture in my makeup bag.
The Eyebrow Designer (in Blonde)
Essence eyebrow designer daly fashion fix
This was easy to apply and I liked the fact that it has the eyebrow shaper at the top.  I generally go for a darker eyebrow so I would probably buy the darker shade to go with the powder eyebrow kit next time.
The Lash and Brow Gel Mascara
Essence lash and brow designer daly fashion fix
Once you have finished filling in your eyebrows just pop a bit of this setter over them and they stay in shape for hours – brilliant! This and the lip liner were my favourites out of all my purchases.
Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Essence nail varnish corrector pen daly fashion fix
Last but not least, the Essence Studio Nails, nail polish corrector pen, who doesn’t need one of these! This comes with a pointed tip for precision and lots of refill tips.  There’s nothing worse than having 9 amazing nails and messing up the last one, the corrector pen is the answer.
To conclude I was really pleased with this range of products from Essence and will definitely be including some of these into my makeup routine.
Hope you have enjoyed this review.
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Until next time, O xx

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