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I love dressing for Autumn and one staple Autumn piece I will always wear is a nice mackintosh. If you pop a mac over any outfit it instantly dresses it up and adds a touch of class. You can throw a mac on over a casual pair of jeans or a suit and it will look equally as good.

I think a neutral colour mac is the easiest and most versatile, I have a tan one as it matches the colours I tend to wear. In this blog post I have included a range of colours to accommodate everyones style, there are also a mix of cheaper and more expensive macs included.

Happy shopping,

O xx


Jack Wills beige Asos Mac Buy it here

Red Zara trench coat

Buy it here

Ted Baker Camel Mac Coat

Buy it here

French Connection Mac Coat

Buy it here

Zara neutral water resistant mac

Buy it here

oAsos Contrast Mac

Buy it here


Boohoo lola longlife trench MacBuy it here

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