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Cream and Powder contour- Daly Fashion Fix

Anyone who follows me will know I like to wear quite light natural make up during the day. I was a bit wary of wearing highlighter as I associated it with heavier night-time make up. I love the effect highlighter can give so I decided I would give it a go anyway. I looked into the concept of contouring and highlighting. I have an oval shaped face so I only highlight my check bones and contour just below during the day. Then for a more dramatic night-time effect, I use highlighter on my forehead (starting at the bridge of the nose sweep halfway up the forehead and then sweep to the right and left- see illustration below)

Contouring your forehead- Daly Fashion Fix

and directly below the arch of my eyebrows (see illustration below).

Highlighting your eye brows- Daly Fashion Fix

The first highlighter I tried was the Mac Cream Colourbase (around €22). I apply this with a Smashbox brow brush (see picture below) under my eyebrow and then use my fingers to apply it on my cheeks and forehead. Although I like the Mac highlighter I find it can tend to clump a little if you have foundation and powder on.

Smash box brush- Daly Fashion Fix

I then decided to try a powder highlighter. I had heard a lot about the Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting powder (around €5) available in Pennyes, so I thought I would give it a try and am I glad I did!! I apply it with a Smashbox fan brush (see picture below) over my cheek bones and my forehead. It goes on so easily, doesn’t clump and gives a gorgeous natural glow. I still always use the Mac cream highlighter for my eyebrows as it can be applied more precisely.

Smash box Fan Brush- Daly Fashion Fix

For my contour I simply use what ever powder bronzer I have at the time. I apply it with the  Primark brand “PS Love This” contour brush (see picture below) (€2) just below my cheekbones, then I blend it in with a beauty blender. As the meerkats would say “simples”!

Primark PS contour brush- Daly Fashion Fix


To sum up, I think the powder highlighter is easier to apply and gives a more natural finish than the cream highlighter.

Below is a picture of me wearing the Catrice highlighting powder on my cheekbones.

Highlighting Daly Fashion Fix

I hope this post helps anyone thinking of heading down the daunting highlight and contouring road. O xx

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