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I have been thinking about getting a wax Barbour jacket for a while. When I lived in Australia it seemed like a bit of a waste as I wouldn’t get much wear out of it so I said I would get one when I moved home, so this year is the year of the Barbour!

I feel like a Barbour jacket adds a touch of class to your outfit, they are a classic. There are a few different types of wax Barbour jackets so I will run through them in this post.

I personally prefer the classic Barbour styles so I didn’t look at the Barbour International collection. There are slight variations in styles from season to season in Barbour but the Utility, Iona and the Beadnell are three styles that have remained constant in the collection. I wasn’t sure which style I would to go for so I did some research.



The Iona

The Iona is a mix between the Beadnell and the Utility. It has features of both. Like the Utility it has regular lining, usually tartan, and no corduroy. It is the same length as the Beadnell but doesn’t have the tailored detail at the bottom of the back of the jacket. The Iona also has the additional two pockets which I love and a collar fastener.

Iona Barbour jacket










The Utility

The Utility is a tighter fit than the Iona or the Beadnell and is a lighter jacket. Generally it has less detail than the Beadnell or the Iona. It doesn’t have the corduroy detail on the collar, extra pockets, the tailored detail at the back or the fastener at the collar. The Utility is the shortest wax jacket with a back length of 27-28ins.

Beadnell wax jacket



Utility Barbour wax jacket


The Beadnell


Barbour Beadnell wax jacket

The Beadnell is a heavier jacket and is the classic Barbour fit. Some additional details in the Beadnell include two additional pockets as well as a zip pocket inside of the jacket. It is longer than the Utility and the same length as the Iona with a back length of 28.5 – 31ins. At the bottom of the back of the jacket it has some additional detail which gives the jacket a more tailored look. The Beadnell also comes with a corduroy collar with beautiful print.
Lastly the Beadnell also has a fastener to tie both sides of the collar together, great if there is a cold breeze to keep you nice and cosy.

Barbour Beadnell wax jacket


Barbour Beadnell wax jacket

Barbour Beadnell wax jacket

For me it’s all about the detail, that’s why I went for the Beadnell. As I mentioned the styles vary slightly from season to season and generally Barbour go for a tartan lining. The lining in my Barbour jacket has bird and flower print detail inside which I absolutely love.

I was also in two minds about the colour. The olive is the classic Barbour colour and I wear a lot of earthy colours, so I went with the Olive in a size 8.

The Barbour jacket is really versatile. You can throw it on over a dress with bare legs in the summer or wear it casually with a pair of jeans and a jumper or shirt.

For the cold Winter months I will get a Uniqlo duck feather body warmer to wear underneath it to cosy it up. You can get Barbour body warmers but they are three times the price and in my opinion not as nice. Buy the Uniqlo body warmer here.

I hope your enjoyed this post and if you are thinking of investing in a Barbour that it helped you decide on which one to go for. If you liked this post you might like my social media pages, find me on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat (dalyfashionfix).

4 Comments so far:

  1. catherine says:

    Hi – where did you buy the Barbour? Im having trouble finding the classic ladies styles in Ireland

    • orlsnd says:

      Hi Catherine,
      Really sorry about the delay I am only seeing these messages now. Mine is from Berney Brother’s in Killcullen, Co Kildare. x

  2. Hey Orla, I loved this post!

    At the moment I have a quilted Barbour jacket but I’m keen to get myself a wax one. I like the detailing of the Beadnell but the colour of the Ioana!

    Best wishes

    • orlsnd says:

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks so much for your message, it’s so nice to get the feedback. Sorry about the delay, I am only seeing this now. It’s well worth the investment. I got mine in Berney Brother in Kilcullen, Co Kildare x