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Coming up to our wedding I wanted to look my best so I decided to do a few things to ensure I was my very best self for the day. I have split this wedding prep post into two parts as there’s a lot in it. These posts go through my hair, nail and skin prep in the run up to our wedding. I hope this helps some of my readers who are brides to be. If you aren’t getting married but you have a special occasion coming up then keep reading.

Teeth Whitening
When I was in secondary school myself and my friend decided to buy a whitening gel kit online. It was called Dr Georges and had a very high % percentage of peroxide so ever since then I have been wary of using teeth whitening products. I drink tea/coffee etc through a straw so my teeth aren’t stained as such but I just wanted them a bit brighter.
I had heard a lot about Spotlight teeth whitening strips, when I heard they were formulated by two Irish dentists it gave me a lot of confidence in them. I bought mine in Meaghers pharmacy. They often have 20% off offers so keep an eye on this, plus they give you a little treat with your delivery.
These strips are really easy to use. Each sachet comes with two strips that you apply to your top and bottom teeth for an hour everyday. I used them on my way in and out of work. Although they don’t make your teeth Hollywood white initially, one box of them definitely brightens up your teeth by a few shades and in a safe way.
You can buy them here.
Spotlight teeth whitening
Daly Fashion Fix wedding
Shellac, Acrylic, Gel, SNS, you name it I have had it on my nails . See my blog post on this here. Before the wedding I made sure to have my nails bare and just used some nail strengthener on them. For the wedding day I picked the gorgeous bridal colour Romantique by CND shellac. I love this colour, it’s so pretty and perfectly fitted in with my look. I grew my nails a bit to elongate my fingers and kept them a classic square shape.Daly Fashion Fix- CND Romantique
My hair is quite long and I dye it so I try to mind it to keep it looking healthy. About a year and a half before the wedding I met a hair dresser who suggested that I stop using bleach to lighten my hair. She suggested that I used the lightest colour blonde you can get, with little or no bleach in it. I tried it and really liked it. It looked really natural and because there wasn’t a massive contrast between my natural hair colour and the dye it meant I could get away with only dying my hair every six months.


Long story short I decided to keep this natural blond look and about 7 months before the wedding I got a full head of highlights with this colour. I also got two inches taken off, which killed me but I knew it would be worth it in the long run. I also made sure to trim my hair regularly (about every two months) before the wedding. I got a full head of highlights and a treatment the week before the wedding.  I also made sure to use a really good shampoo in the lead up to the wedding. I used the Kevin Murphy Young Again shampoo which was recommended for dry hair. Buy it here.

Watch out for my next post where I will speak all about my eye brow transformation and my wedding skin care prep before the big day.
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did and would like to see more you can also find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook. Until next time, O, x

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