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I can’t believe, it’s nearly a month since our wedding. It was such an amazing day. I can’t wait to get the professional pictures and video back to relive it all. I will share some more pictures of the day when I get them. In the meantime I want to fill you in on all my wedding prep. Welcome to the second of my wedding prep blog posts where I go through my eyebrow and skin prep.
HD Brows
First up HD brows. I got these done with Olivia in Allure Beauty. I have to say I was thrilled with them. Olivia is so so good, you can tell as the waiting list can up to two months long for an appointment. Below are some pictures of my eye brow transformation. HD brows is a combination of plucking, waxing, threading and tinting but the attention to detail and symmetry is really what makes the difference. There is no tattooing or anything like that, they just work with what you have so it’s best to grow out your eyebrows before you start getting HD brows done. I started getting mine done in January for my wedding in August and found that was plenty of time to get them in really nice shape.
HD Brows
HD Brows
HD Brows
HD brows
Skincare- peels
Image skin care peels
I was planning on getting a course of Caci treatments but only ended up getting one treatment as I just didn’t have the time. I didn’t see any difference from that one treatment as the full course is 12 treatments. I went for a course of anti ageing image peels (so one a month). I don’t think the peels reduced the appearance of fine lines but I feel like the peels along with using the corresponding image products had my skin looking really healthy and clear for the wedding. Getting the peels was so relaxing and such a nice treat every month. The lovely Ciara in Allure beauty did theses for me.
Daly Fashion Fix wedding
Skin care – products
Image and La Mer productsI used a combination of skin care products leading up to the wedding. I initially tried some of “The Ordinary products” but decided to just stick with the Image products as they would compliment the peels. These products included:
La Mer eye cream.
This is definitely a splurge but supposed to be the very best so said I would get it as a treat for the wedding. I do think it filled out my fine lines slightly but no eye cream can turn back time. You can buy it here.
La Mer eye serum.
I applied this under the La Mer eye cream.
Buy the La Mer products here.
Image Iluma intense brightening serum.
I used this in the morning before my moisturiser. I left a few minutes between the application of this and my moisturiser to let it soak in and avoid clumping.
Image Ageless facial cleanser.
I used this to cleanse my face after using the cleanse off mitt or micellar water to remove my make up. You need to use this cleanser for a month before you get your first Image anti ageing peel.
Ageless total overnight retinol masque.
I used this every night instead of moisturiser in the two months leading up to the wedding. Now that the wedding is over I will probably use this 2-3 times a week.
Image prevention+ daily ultimate protection moisturiser (SPF 50).
As I was using retinol on my skin Allure advised me to wear a very high factor on my face daily. I love the image moisturiser, even though it has a very high factor it is still lovely and light. I found that it was best to leave this moisturiser dry in for a few minutes before applying other products or it could go a bit clumpy.
I would just like to mention the initial reaction my skin had to all the above. It wasn’t good. Previously all I had ever used on my skin was a bit of day & night moisturiser and a bit of eye cream, my skin didn’t know what hit it when I started putting these products on my skin. It went red, really dry and looked awful. This lasted about two weeks, once my skin got accustomed to the new products, I started seeing the benefits. So if your skin does react initially I would mention it to your skin specialist to get their take on it, it might be a similar situation to mine.
You can but all the Image Skincare products here.
Skincare – from the inside out 
 Wedding hair
Advanced nutrition tablets. Vitamin A and Antioxidant.
I took these every day for two month before the wedding. If you want to get the best results though I would start a bit earlier than that, maybe 6 months in advance. You can buy them here.
Udo’s oil & Dandelion drops
I took two desert spoons of this daily. It takes rotten but is great for your skin. Buy it here.
Last but not least. The week before the wedding I put some dandelion drops in a small amount of water everyday to reduce any water retention. You can buy them here.
Dandelion Drops

If you want to read about my teeth, hair and nail prep for the wedding you can find my blog post here. I hope you found this post helpful, if you did and would like to see more you can also find me on Instagram Snapchat (@dalyfashionfix) and Facebook. Until next time, O, x

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